Referral Bonus

We appreciate any referrals and will add your name along with the potential buyer’s name to our contact log. If the buyer purchases the property and you made the referral, we will pay you a referral bonus equal to 1/2 of 1% of the purchase price within 2 weeks of the closing. We will need to file a US Tax Form 1099 which will require you to provide us with some basic tax information. To present and log your referral, please click the referral button below:

You’re going to love Akumal!

Buyer’s Agent Fee:

We welcome licensed realtors to bring us a new, qualified buyer. If the buyer purchases our property directly, we will pay a fee to the buyer’s agent equal to 3% of the purchase price at the time of closing. Realtors must register their buyer by clicking the “referral” button above.