Mexican Immigration & Customs

GREAT NEWS! You can now SAVE TIME and REDUCE STRESS by completing your MEXICAN IMMIGRATION TOURIST CARD ON-LINE within 30 days of your travel to the Cancun International Airport. Here’s how it works:

  1. Have your passport ready and complete one form PER TRAVELER by clicking HERE. For the address in Mexico, write the “Villa Name” (e.g. Akumal Breakers) – Akumal Sur. For the state, write “Quintana Roo” and for the city write “Akumal.”
  2. Print the forms and put inside your passports.
  3. Upon arrival at IMMIGRATION at the airport, present the tourist card to the Immigration Officer with your passport. Since your information is already in the system, they will only need to stamp your passport and visa card and proceed.

You MUST keep the visa card and turn it in at the airport when you depart Mexico. DO NOT LOSE IT or you will possibly miss your flight since you have to find the immigration office, stand in line, complete a form as well as pay a fine in Pesos (approx $50 USD).

Mexico has upgraded their baggage X-ray machines in a couple of terminals and have modified the exact rules for clearing customs so be flexible. Regardless, you will need to complete ONE CUSTOMS FORM PER FAMILY. You will receive a form on the plane or at arrival. Click HERE  for more information.

We suggest that you always put your passport, visa card and Contact / Business Card with cell phone# and email in a ZIPLOCK bag. This will help you avoid losing your tourist card and will possibly help someone contact you immediately should you misplace your passport. Also, always put a pen or two in the bag as you will need it on the plane.

For more information about arrivals, departures, transportation, etc., please visit Cancun Airport’s excellent website by clicking HERE.  The current paper forms can also be viewed below:


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