Fun Stuff

When will the International Space Station pass over Akumal?

What is the name of that ship on the horizon?

// Map appearance var width=”100%”; // width in pixels or percentage var height=”300″; // height in pixels var latitude=”0.00″; // center latitude (decimal degrees) var longitude=”0.00″; // center longitude (decimal degrees) var zoom=”3″; // initial zoom (between 3 and 18) var names=false; // always show ship names (defaults to false) // Single ship tracking var mmsi=”123456789″; // display latest position (by MMSI) var imo=”1234567″; // display latest position (by IMO, overrides MMSI) var show_track=false; // display track line (last 24 hours) // Fleet tracking var fleet=”e48ab3d80a0e2a9bf28930f2dd08800c”; // your personal Fleet key (displayed in your User Profile) var fleet_name=”Carnival”; // display particular fleet from your fleet list var fleet_timespan=”1440″; // maximum age in minutes of the displayed ship positions

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